SewSour Begins


Thank you for joining me!  I have been contemplating the world of blogging for quite some time!  After lurking for months with this page I am finally diving in feet first.  My first few posts that will be popping up over the next few days!  Be sure to check back regularly, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


A Little About Me

My name is Nicole and I reside in the Land of Oz, Kansas.  I share my home with my amazing husband Chad and our three awesome children: Ginna (16), Cory (11) and Jake (6).


By day I am a full time respiratory therapist who specializes in respiratory home care.  I love my job, the people I meet and the opportunities it provides me.  God bless all the stay at home moms, I could never do that!  You guys are wonderful group of ladies!!!

When I’m not working I can be found at the dragstrip, in my sewing room, cheering on the UND Fighting Irish, watching the kids bowl, working on my MBA, reading and cruising.  We love CRUISING…who doesn’t!?!


My love of sewing has evolved over the years.  At times it has been a love/hate relationship, but like any relationship grows over time.  I promise I will blog about my first sewing experience this month.  It was 17 years ago this October and it was UGLY!  I started with quilting and bag making but dove into the world of garments and haven’t looked back!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE making clothes.  There is nothing like a piece of clothing that makes you feel pretty.  Like a lot of women I struggle with body image.  Three c-sections, a hysterectomy and the thirties have produced a shape that no longer resembles my twenty something 110 pounds.  I lived in scrubs and elastic waisted pants and let myself go.  I really stopped caring about how I looked because “I was FAT” and turned to yoga pants and baggy t-shirts for years.  I envied all those women out there that dressed cute and looked put together.  I deserved more than yoga pants and t-shirts.  My husband deserved more than a barely put together wife as did my kids.    Indy pattern companies like Made for Mermaids, Patterns for Pirates, Striped Swallow Designs and Peek-a-boo patterns have given me a whole new outlook on body image and for that I am beyond thankful!

I want nothing more than to provide you with that same experience.  Whether you are any experienced sewist or have never sewn a day in your life, I want to encourage you! So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

PS:  Comment away!  I love to meet new people and could seriously olympic medal in talking so please please please leave comments regularly!








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