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I’ve been MIA for quite some time!  Life seems to gets in the way of writing, but I had the profound urge to write tonight.  This isn’t my typical blog post about sewing.  It’s a simple post about life and the significance of numbers. Right, I know.  At this point you’re probably sitting there thinking […]

Another Day, Another Vest: Little Gentleman Vest from Peek-A-Boo Patterns

If you need a quick and easy button-up vest for all occasions the Little Gentleman Vest from Peek-A-Boo Patterns is just for you.  The vest can be made in size three month to size 12.  It is a fully lined vest with a pocket option.  Recommended fabrics include cotton, linen, wool and suiting material. I […]

Made for Mermaids Pattern Test: Women’s Dionne

I have discovered I absolutely love testing patterns!  The women’s Dionne from Made for Mermaids definitely did not disappoint.  The Dionne is a blazer style jacket inspired from  the 1990’s movie Clueless.  Like seriously…who doesn’t love Clueless, it’s like totally awesome!!!  (Okay, so may-be I was a really big NERD and lived vicariously through Cher in this movie! […]