PAB Aviator Hat (AKA the perfect Griswold Hat)

When the call went out to test the updated Peek-a-Boo Aviator Hat I knew I MUST test this hat.  I  mean seriously, who doesn’t want a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation hat!?!  For those of you shaking your head no, just stop…we all know every family has a cousin Eddie!

The Aviator Hat comes in size XXS (15″) to XXL (23″).  I hope you’re sitting down for this next part…YES every single size XXS to XXL comes in one download!  This is AWESOME!!!  There is no need to purchase an infant, children and adult size!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!!  And yes folks I can top that, it is currently $3.50 (if your reading this after the sale quit being so cheap, you can afford the $5….really you know cousin Eddie is your spirit animal!).

Okay, enough with my used car salesman talk and onto important things.  The pattern comes as a download. For those who hate taping patterns, don’t worry, there are very few pieces to tape with this pattern (insert high five here)!   I tested the size XS (17″).  My beautiful model Hattie had a head circumference of 16.5″.  The finished hat fit perfectly with room to grow through the winter months.

Fabric options for this hat are endless.  I would recommend flannel, cotton, wool or fleece for the outside and fleece, minky or sherpa for the inside.  I made two hats for testing.  One was a cotton outer with a fleece inner and the other was a doodles from JoAnn with a thick fur inner.  I did do the optional strap on both hats.  One hat utilized plastic snaps and the other buttons/buttonholes.

The construction of the hat is pretty simple and instructions are easy to follow.  From printing, to taping, tracing, cutting and sewing the hat takes approximately 30 minutes to sew.  After constructing the first hat the second can be finished in under 15 minutes.  I would definitely recommend the Aviator Hat if your looking for fun winter hat.  Plus, you get to embrace the spirit of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation while wearing this hat!  So what are you waiting for….go purchase it now!  (There is a very high probability that several family members will be getting this hat for Christmas!)

Be sure to head on over to Peek-a-Boo patterns and check out their other fun patterns.  I see a pair of Cozy toes Socks in the very near future!  I am curious to see what everyone’s thoughts are on self sewn socks!  Please comment below with thoughts/experiences with making your own socks.


  • Avoid thicker linings.  I used a thick faux fur for the second hat and wasn’t 100% happy with the bulkiness/lay of the fur.
  • When using doodles for the outer hat, be sure to use with a fairly stable lining.  I paired the doodles with thick faux fur and the doodles stretched with very little recovery.
  • If placing snaps, stabilize the strap with French fuse.
  • Purchase a KAM snap table top press to place snaps (Santa if you’re reading this, I would like really really really like one for Christmas…I promise of have been extra good (well most days)!


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