Stop…Pajama Time: CKC Nickolas Drop Bottom PJ’s

What kid doesn’t love a great pair of pajamas?  I’ve discovered our kids’ are PJ fanatics and I am way to cheap to buy store-bought PJ’s…like seriously have you seen the prices on them!?!  I believe it was about 3 years ago when I last bought PJ’s from the store and I am pretty sure positive Jake is still wearing them (so I a may buy PJ’s about 3 sizes to big and now those PJ’s have turned into very fashionable boy capri PJ’s)!!

I was super excited to test the CKC Nickolas pajamas.  This was the first CKC pattern I have sewn and I  must say I am now a CKC fan!  There are quite a few of their patterns I can’t wait to try (the cheer pattern, tie set and dino joggers to name a few).












The Nickolas pajamas are available in two size ranges: newborn to 24month and 2T-14.  I tested the size 14 and also made a size 6.  Recommended fabrics include fleece and knit with bands requiring a 25% stretch.  I  made both pairs out of fleece with DBP bands.

The pattern is a relatively quick sew.  I think it takes more time to tape, trace and cut the pattern out then it does to sew.  If you aren’t familiar with putting on a bias tape this is the perfect pattern to start with.  Fleece is so forgiving and if your stitching is off it hides nicely in the fleece.  The pattern does require snaps.  I used the Babyville snap pliers from JoAnn with plastic snaps.

Cory has lived in these pajamas since I got them done.  I was a little surprised considering his age and mom made stuff just isn’t that cool anymore!  Jake was super excited to get his pair and Gin even asked for a pair…it was quite shocking!  This pattern was hit at our house and I am crossing my fingers that CKC produces an adult sized Nickolas pattern.

If you’re looking for a great Christmas PJ pattern, I promise this one WILL NOT disappoint.  Head on over to the CKC website and purchase it while it is still on sale and be sure to join their Facebook group to stay up to date on all the fun stuff they have going on.

***Picture for fun…this is how you bribe an 11-year-old boy to take PJ pictures…let him fish afterwards!  Yes it was freezing and he actually caught a good-sized fish.  I was shocked!!!***




  • Purchase a nice snap press.  Placing the snaps on these pajamas brought me to the realization that I need to break down and purchase a KAM Snap table top press.
  • Make your own bias tape.  I cut a 2″ strip from the DBP I used for the cuffs.  Iron-on French fuse to stabilize the bias tape through the snap sections.  (If you haven’t figured it out by now I am HUGE French fuse fan.  Anne and Marci at Needle Nook Fabrics will hook you up with French fuse.  They will even cut it in strips for you!  What are you waiting for…head over to their page a purchase some!!!)
  • Use a light weight fabric for the panel.  We started with fleece and Cory felt that it was bulky so I removed it and used a DBP panel.
  • Use steam-a-seam or wash away tape to hold your panel on while top stitching.
  • Use your zig-zag stitch to sew on the panel buttons.

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