Year of the Pig: Puperita PIGGY Style

Did you know the Chinese zodiac symbol for 2019 is the pig?  (In case your curious about the Chinese zodiac symbols, check out this fun website that details every zodiac symbol.  Of course I had to research every year for each person in my family and their respective animal…and an hour later I’m ready to get back to the pattern discussion….SQUIRREL…all the time I have this problem!  SQUIRREL-I discovered my husband is a goat and this made me laugh, it deserves a blog post on its own, stay tuned!).

In honor of the upcoming Pig Year, Puperita Patterns is releasing the PIGGY set.  It’s a super cute unisex shirt and pant combo.  This was my first Puperita pattern I have sewn and my first outfit made soley of woven fabric.  I was chosen to test the size 6 long sleeve and pant length patterns.  I let Jake pick his own fabrics which he thoroughly enjoyed! (NEVER, I repeat NEVER take your 6 year old to the fabric store  to pick fabric 30 minutes before they close.  Like a typical male he couldn’t make his mind up.  It was like asking your husband “what do you want for dinner?” and he responds “I don’t know, what do you want?”…like seriously pick SOMETHING!!!)


The patterns come in PDF format and can be quickly assembled by using your favorite glue stick or roll of tape.  Personally, I prefer a glue stick…in case you wondering…I know your curiosity was getting the best of you!  I started with the pants pattern.  I made the pants out of denim fabric purchased at Needle Nook Fabrics.  They were a quick sew and the fit was spot on.  The pants can be made in an hour or less.  I opted to coverstitch down each side to give it a “jeans” appearance.  The pants have an optional pocket which provide a polished look to bottoms.  Several testers used a contrasting fabric for the pocket and the contrasting pocket added an extra touch to the completed outfit.

After the pants were complete I dove into the shirt construction.  The shirt requires a little more time and attention to detail.  This is where I struggled.  Talk about a SQUIRREL moment…I had several during the construction of the shirt.  It’s like you know you need to stop when you mess up once, but you keep going anyways!

For the shirt Jake picked out a super cute woven dino print from Joanne’s and I assisted in finding a contrasting fabric for the pocket, collar and sleeve tabs.  You can use snaps or buttons/button holes for the shirt.  I went with traditional buttons/button holes.  The length of the shirt and sleeves were spot on and required no additional alterations.  The curved hem of the shirt added store bought appearance to the finished shirt.












The Piggy set will definitely be a staple in Jake’s closet and I can’t wait to make several Bermuda shorts and tropical tops for our upcoming summer vacation!  We already have the fabric washed and ready!  I can’t wait to whip up a pair of Bermuda shorts in khaki!  Be sure to pick up your Piggy pattern while it’s on sale!



  • Make sure you organize your pattern pieces better than I did.  I couldn’t figure out why my collar was laying horribly on the finished shirt. I was so disappointed and a few hours later it dawned on me…I used the front pattern piece for the back of the shirt.  Remember that SQUIRREL moment from earlier…this was a major SQUIRREL moment.  See the below picture…I stitch ripped the seams from the top, around the back sleeve and down the side seam. I had limited dino’s left so this is why I made a yoke out of the contrasting fabric.
  • Use wash-away tape for pocket placement.  I really reaLLY REALLY LOVE this stuff!  Who needs steam a seam when you can use this!?!  Total game changer!!!  I also used this on the hem of the shirt for both the sleeves and body of the shirt.
  • Double check your pinning.  Another SQUIRREL moment (Hallmark movie channel while sewing).  Yep I sewed the collar on wrong too!  This was before I realized I cut two front pieces!  Again see the below picture…
  • If you don’t have tags, cut a piece of ribbon and fold in half.  Sew it into the seam of the waistband so your little one can tell the front from the back on the pants.
  • Do NOT get discouraged if you mess up.  Step aside, clear your mind and come back later.  Join Facebook groups (especially the Puperita Teamwork group).  Post questions below!  I love to help!!  We learn by mistakes.  Talk about major errors…the below pictures are proof, however after working through my mistakes I ended up with a beautiful shirt!  Never give up, you will get there!



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