Why Sew Basic? Because…P4P BASIC TEE

One of the things I love about Patterns for Pirates is how quick and easy their patterns are to sew.  I feel like KNOW I say “this is such a quick and easy sew” all the time!  Seriously, the basic tee is all this and more.  It’s like love at first sight or rather first sew!

The basic tee is a unisex pattern that has a variety of options.  The shirt can be made with a V or crew neck (I know you beautiful people out there LOVE V-necks…embrace the V-neck.  Seriously though, I do love V-necks, however, nobody in our house likes them…sigh).  Sleeve options include short, 3/4 and long sleeve and length options include shirt, tunic and dress lengths.

I tested the crew neck, long sleeve, shirt length options in sizes 6 and 14.  The fit on these shirts is spot on!  No adjustments were needed whatsoever on either size.  PEOPLE, this is HUGE…not having to make adjustments is what makes this such a quick and easy sew!  Both boys love the fit of the shirts.  In total I made four shirts, two for each of them.  Each shirt was made out of different fabric.  The size 6 was made in cotton lycra and jersey knit and the size 14 was made out of double brushed poly and under armor fabric, all from Needle Nook Fabrics.  

The shirts are slim fitting and this makes it a great shirt to layer with.  The shirt made of under armor is washed every night and worn under our 11-year-olds school shirt daily.  He LOVES this shirt!  I see many more of these shirts in our future and I can’t wait to purchase the women’s pattern!  I am kicking myself for not signing up to test the women’s pattern.  I am in need of new shirts to wear under my scrubs and this is the pattern I want to use!!!  You can even whip the hubby or big kids one up using the men’s pattern!  


  • Cut several of these shirts out at one time and “chain” sew.  You can literally have a family of basic tees in no time flat.
  • Use 1.5″ strips of french fuse where your hems will be.  This provides a quick, easy and even hem line.
  • Use your Cricut machine and decorate your shirts with HTV.  This pattern is a total HTV project shirt!  One of the ladies who tested this pattern made the cutest 100 days of school pac-man shirt with this pattern.  She wins the test for this pattern with that shirt.  I absolutely love it! (I will do my best to link her shirt).
  • Use a thread that doesn’t blend with the shirt for the hems.  This provides a fun pop of color on solid shirts.
  • Make a M4M Amber & Elton vest to pair with the long sleeve shirt.  The vest with a hacked hood would layer perfectly with this shirt!




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