I’ve been MIA for quite some time!  Life seems to gets in the way of writing, but I had the profound urge to write tonight.  This isn’t my typical blog post about sewing.  It’s a simple post about life and the significance of numbers.

Right, I know.  At this point you’re probably sitting there thinking “good gravy, here we go, she’s off her rocker”!  I promise, I’m not, at least I don’t think I am.  I was visiting with a co-worker today about the house her and her husband are building.  During the conversation I asked how the decided upon the lot to build on.  For her the lot felt right, but the cost was higher than other lots and they just weren’t sure about that lot.  After discussing the lots they discovered the address of the lot she they loved mimicked a number of her in-laws.  They began discussing the number with her father-in-law and the number was a common number her recently deceased mother-in-law often came across.  (To hear the story gave me goosebumps).  Come to find out their specific number means “your angel is with you and you’re following the right path.  At that moment they knew that lot was meant for them.

Her story got me thinking about a number I am constantly running across…9-1-1.  I know, what an awful number.  At least that’s what I thought up until today.  Seriously, this number freaks me out.  Every time I look at a clock I see 9:11, not to mention the other random times this number comes up in various ways multiple times a week.  It doesn’t matter if its morning or night.  The clock ALWAYS says 9:11.  It was to the point when the time came close I would avoid a clock, only to see 9:11 when I finally checked.  For me that number is bad.  It signifies a date in history that lives were changed, 9/11.  It signifies help need 9-1-1.  So surely, constantly coming across 9-1-1 couldn’t be good.  I was convinced something bad was bound to happen at 9:11.

That number was bad, until today.  I took the plunge and researched the significance of 9-1-1 and I must admit I was QUITE surprised and I must say it was just what I needed to hear!  It can signify a new life cycle, that you are closer to your divine calling and that your life is on path to reach the goals intended for you.  (I know your curiosity is piqued, read more here.)

For months I have been questioning where I’m at what I’m doing.  I often wonder if I’m doing what I was meant to do, surely I wasn’t destined for a life as respiratory therapist!  Today was the reassurance I needed.  Although I haven’t figured out my life’s purpose and who knows I may never, today was my sign that maybe I’m right where I’m supposed to be.  Maybe I’ve already made an impact somewhere and at sometime and I just don’t know it.  Today my 9-1-1 encouraged to strengthen my spiritual relationship with God and He will guide me to where I’m supposed to be.

Today brought me peace.  Peace I needed in my life.  So thank you to my co-worker who gave me the courage to investigate the number I’m constantly running into.  Maybe it means nothing, maybe it means something.  Only time will tell.

I’d love to hear, what’s your number?

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