The Perfect Sweater Vest: M4M Amber & Elton

So, I have this problem and I think I need to admit to it.  Here it goes…I REALLY REALLY REALLY should be partaking in school work, you know that super interesting, fun, attention grabbing finance class and final touches on my capstone.  Instead I said yes, yes to another patten test and I must admit I love this pattern!  It’s the Amber & Elton sweater vest from the Made for Mermaids Clueless collection.


The Amber & Elton is a unisex pattern that can be made in a cropped, hip or top length along with a crew or v-neck option.  Recommended fabrics include sweater knit, french terry, Liverpool or any medium weight fabric with 30% stretch.  I tested the top length with a v-neck.  I used a variety of fabrics that included SSE sweater knit, Jo-Anne sweater fleece, Jo-Anne doodles and swimwear…yes I used swimwear on my hacked version!

Instructions are pretty clear cut and to the point.  The fit is spot on and the only change I made was to lengthen the size 12 to accommodate my oldest sons height.  I completed vests in sizes 3, 5, 6, 10 and 12.  In total I have made seven vests and can complete the vest from cutting to ready to wear in 30-minutes.

This vest is a must have and adds versatility to your child’s lack luster wardrobe.  Our children wear uniforms to school and it is hard to justify purchasing a large amount of “weekend” clothes.  If your looking for a pattern that allows you to spice up your children’s shirts without looking like they wear the same shirt over and over, the Amber & Elton is just the pattern for you.  In the below picture our boys have different Elton’s on with the same button up shirt!  The fabric choice for the Elton adds pizazz to the “boring” button-up while giving the undershirt a new look.  The best part, the boys don’t complain about wearing the “same” button-up to mass on Sunday (yes we have that problem…”I wore that last Sunday”…like seriously get ready so we aren’t late, AGAIN.  I’m pretty sure Father looks at us every weekend walking in to mass 2-minutes late, habitually, thinking “can’t the Holzman family ever make it on time!?!).



  • It’s okay to use Jo-Ann doodles!  I really had to tell myself this over and over!  I am not typically a fan of doodles because of the poor recovery, but it worked with good ribbing.
  • Use 1/2″ strip of french fuse or something similar in the soldier seams to reinforce, especially the sweater knits.  I do this in all my shoulder seams.  It adds longevity to your finished garment.
  • Add a hood and pocket for a more causal look to wear with long sleeve t-shirts.  The P4P Jolly Roger Raglan Add-on Pack is perfect for this.  I expanded the neck opening around the shoulders  about 1/2″ graded to a 1/4″ in the front.  The hoodie below is made of swimwear with DBP for the outer hood, pocket and binding.
  • If adding a pocket, check the sizing to make sure it isn’t to big.  Secure your pocket with steam-a-seam before sewing to the vest.  This prevents the pocket from moving around while attaching it.


***If you need ribbing check out Needle Nook Fabrics.  They have a HUGE selection of ribbing from $.20-.35 an inch in 28″ to 58″ widths.  I am very fortunate to have this awesome store locally.  I have to touch everything.  It’s a problem.  I could spend all day touching and feeling the ribbing.  I’m pretty sure my husband is jealous, but that’s okay. They have ribbing in every color imaginable and you can’t beat their prices!  I don’t believe ribbing is on their website just yet, but reach out to Anne and Marci and they will get you the color you need!***


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