Another Day, Another Vest: Little Gentleman Vest from Peek-A-Boo Patterns

If you need a quick and easy button-up vest for all occasions the Little Gentleman Vest from Peek-A-Boo Patterns is just for you.  The vest can be made in size three month to size 12.  It is a fully lined vest with a pocket option.  Recommended fabrics include cotton, linen, wool and suiting material.

I tested size five.  I made four vests in total.  I used a combination of cotton and suit material.  I lined all vests with suit lining.  The sizing was spot on and no changes were needed.  I used both buttons and KAM snaps on the vest.  KAM snaps were definitely the easiest to use, but button/button holes provide a more polished look for the vest.

The Little Gentleman Vest pairs great with a button up shirt and pair of jeans.  If you have littles that need a fancy vest for a dressy event or a vest for upcoming holidays the Little Gentleman Vest will not disappoint!


  • Prewash material to prevent shrinkage after sewn.
  • Use your zig-zag stitch for a quick button-hole.  (I will try and post a video of the zig-zag cheat for adding button-holes in the near future.  It’s a game changer!!!
  • Add fold-over elastic to the front of the vest to make an awesome dart gun vest!  Straight stitch forwards and backwards three times for reinforcement.  Space stitch marks 1″ apart.



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