Made for Mermaids Pattern Test: Women’s Dionne

I have discovered I absolutely love testing patterns!  The women’s Dionne from Made for Mermaids definitely did not disappoint.  The Dionne is a blazer style jacket inspired from  the 1990’s movie Clueless.  Like seriously…who doesn’t love Clueless, it’s like totally awesome!!!  (Okay, so may-be I was a really big NERD and lived vicariously through Cher in this movie!  I wanted to be her.  I mean I had blonde hair and everything…)!

The Dionne is a semi-fitted jacket that can be sewn in long or 3/4 sleeve.  Recommended fabrics include Liverpool, ponte and scuba.  I actually made a jacket out of all three of the fabrics listed and all fabrics worked well with this jacket.


My measurements fall into a yellow top and midsection graded to an indigo hip.  I am rectangle and often dream of that hour glass shape!  I shortened the length of the blazer to account for my height and have also found that jackets that hit around the top of the hips suit my shape and give me a waistline.

Once you print, trace and cut the pattern it is a relatively quick sew.  I can get one finished in about an hour.  The pattern is offered in US Paper, A4 and A0 formats.  The instructions are easy to read and the illustrations provided make following along a breeze.  The Dionne will definitely be a staple in my fall and winter wardrobe this year!

My featured photo is the Dionne in a Liverpool I purchased from my favorite fabric store, Needle Nook Fabrics.  I paired the Dionne with the M4M Paige Piko out of double brushed poly and my favorite pair of skinny jeans.  Make sure to grab this pattern, you won’t be disappointed!!!


  • Use french fuse on your interfacing pieces.  I did not do this on my first version, but did on the proceeding versions and found it gave the interfacing a crisp look and held the ironed seams better.
  • PRESS, PRESS, PRESS, the more steam the better!  I am a sucker for clean seams, so use that steam!!!
  • Use a hard piece of wood to lock in your seams.  I will try and post a video how to this weekend!  I have a Notre Dame Dionne calling my name for Saturday’s game!!

****Special thanks to Erika @ Fawcett Fotos for the pictures! Be sure to like her Facebook page!

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